Florida’s Withlacoochee

Withlacoochee is definitely Worth a Re-visit! We spent a day this past holiday weekend out exploring some more of the Withlacoochee River near Dade City.

To beat the heat we arrived early in the morning, but the heat was already there! We did find a nice shady spot along the river and I painted a quick little study of the river while Rick fished the dark stained water. The river was up only slightly from our recent summer rains, and it was just floating along at a slow mesmerizing pace. It wasn’t empty though.

The painting went super fast and the fish weren’t biting, so we decided to take the nearby trail into the Green Swamp and along part of the Florida Trail. I’m crazy for some Florida native wildflowers and there were many different types of flowers along the trail. I’ve only posted photos of a few of the species we saw! We also saw many butterflies, but they were too quick to get any good shots. I watched a “Cow Killer” busily scurry on the dirt. It is actually a type of wasp, but some call it a Velvet Ant and others call it a Cow Killer because it’s sting is so bad it can supposedly kill a cow! I didn’t get too close because hey – it’s called a Cow Killer, and thats reason enough!

There were some beautiful scenes of the cypress lined river, and many live oaks along the trail just twisted and turned up to the sky. I could’ve walked and explored the trails all day, but the sky was getting darker with an impending summer storm. We beat the rain and made it back to the car, but we were still drenched – with sweat! These first few days of July are just steamier than I can remember summer being.

We drove into town and had a delicious meal at “Lunch on Limoges”. It’s an old southern style cafe inside a store with tables nestled among the clothing racks. The food is classic and the raspberry iced tea was just what we needed. (not to mention the air conditioning!)

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